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The Best Go-Karting in Las Vegas – With a Twist

Get ready for two heart-pumping bits of classic Vegas entertainment. With the Ultimate Race & Fire Package,  you’ll go go-karting in Las Vegas, and as if that isn’t enough, after you’ll head to the machine gun shooting range to get a double-dose of adrenaline. Scene 1: Mastering the Go-Kart Track This incredible indoor raceway isn’t […]
Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

The Top 3 Activities for First-Time Vegas Visitors

Las Vegas is known for a couple pretty specific tourist offerings: gambling, shows, & nightlife. But don’t let the stereotypes keep you from exploring some of the lesser known activities that can make your vacation unforgettable. If it’s your first time in the area, check out these Las Vegas tourist attractions that you’ve probably never heard […]
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The Best Las Vegas Attractions for an Unforgettable Time with Your Girls

The time has finally come for that long-awaited girls’ vacation to Vegas. Time to pull out all the stops, cut out the fat, and just do what the girls wanna do. Contrary to popular opinion, the best Las Vegas attractions aren’t at all the ones you’ve heard so much about. Forget gambling and the big, […]
Franchi SPAS 12 Grip Safety

5 Reasons Why the Shotgun SPAS 12 Is the Most Badass Firearm

Some people are fine going to any old shooting range, firing a few rifles, and being done with it. But then there are those who have the bug: they need to shoot the rarest, most powerful guns they can find. But those can be hard to find, right? Well in Vegas, nothing is that hard […]