Franchi SPAS 12 Grip Safety

5 Reasons Why the Shotgun SPAS 12 Is the Most Badass Firearm

Some people are fine going to any old shooting range, firing a few rifles, and being done with it. But then there are those who have the bug: they need to shoot the rarest, most powerful guns they can find. But those can be hard to find, right? Well in Vegas, nothing is that hard […]

5 of the Wildest Las Vegas Birthday Party Packages

There are two ways to do a birthday party in Vegas. One way is to find a few cool spots and just show up, picking out what sounds best at the moment as you go. But that can get tiresome, and people will disagree on what’s the best activity to do. During a party, the […]

Cool Stuff to Do in Vegas That’s Off the Strip

Although the Strip is what Las Vegas is most famous for, it isn’t the only place where you can find incredible activities to do. There’s tons to do in the surrounding area that most people who visit Vegas never find out about. Discover all the cool stuff to do in Vegas that you can brag […]

5 Hidden Las Vegas Day Activities You Didn’t Know About

Most people just think of one or two things when they think of Las Vegas: poker and strip clubs. Maybe a couple swanky hotels, and you might think of a few of the other attractions. But many of these things are night activities, so what are you supposed to do during the day in Vegas? […]

5 Themed Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re planning a wedding for your best girlfriend, you’ve got a big responsibility. Her life will change forever after this last trip out on the town during the bachelorette party. Make it an unforgettable night before she ties the knot. Why should men have all the fun? Check out these Las Vegas bachelorette party […]